Acho Dene Koe First Nation members engage in a variety of traditional activities, which have been practiced for generations over centuries.

Hunters, trappers, and harvesters with longstanding relationships with the natural world use their traditional knowledge and familiarity with the territory to sustain and carry out these activities.

Traditional Land Use Study 

This report summarizes the results of the Acho Dene Koe (ADK) Traditional Use Study (TUS). This TUS project was completed in cooperation with and through a concerted effort by D.M. Cultural Services, Ltd. and the ADK between April 2010 and March 2012. The focus of this research has been to record and map TUS sites or areas within the ADK Traditional Territory, thus documenting sites of cultural and historical significance to the ADK people. The most tangible results are the identification, mapping, and cataloguing of TUS sites in a database. The entire TUS study involved four phases:
♦ Phase 1: Project set up;
♦ Phase 2: Archival information gathering, mapping of TUS sites from written sources, entering of TUS sites into database;
♦ Phase 3: Interviews and ground truthing;
♦ Phase 4: Project wrap up and final report production.

This report serves several important purposes. These purposes include:
♦ A summary of the work and history of the TUS project
♦ A history of past research into ADK culture and history.1
♦ A presentation of the research methodology
♦ A presentation of the research results.

TUS Final Report – Aug 15_12-2 (002)

Beaver snare